Friday, 13 August 2010

Madalaine's Charms

This is why I will never stop working with children: I challenge them to create strange and crazy characters, and amidst the array of dinosaurs, aliens, monsters, kittens and strange animal hybrids, somebody takes it upon herself to do something entirely different ... and inifitely creative as a result.

These are Madalaine's Charms. She couldn't say where the idea came from, only that there are sixty of them; she made one and thought of making sixty. There is something delicate and whimsical about them that makes me wish I'd made them myself!

And what difference between this and something that appears in the Tate or Hayward? Although the themes are very different, it somehow reminds me of Susan Hillier's From the Freud Museum - something about the organisation and sensitivity, I think.