Friday, 29 April 2011

Lessons in Lino Print

IMG_0004My first steps into two-colour lino printing ... as my friends populate the next generation, I thought printing would be the perfect way to welcome their little ones into the world. Aiming to finish for the arrival of the Brixton Penny, little did I realise that a) she'd arrive early, and b) I needed to allow for well over half to be well below gift-standard.

Here are a few things that may, just possibly go wrong in your second lino layer ... take a deep breath ... second layer not quite lined up with the first; too much ink; too little ink, the tile somehow moves under the press; oil mysteriously appears on the tile (okay, not mysteriously, from your fingers) and causes a resist; the chiselled-away (white) areas turn out no longer to be chiselled-away enough ... to name but a few!