Friday, 6 January 2012

Grown-ups can have fun too

IMG_3632We finally held a long-awaited skill sharing day among the Education staff at Orleans House. We had much to report back on, from the inspirations of the Engage conference to the aims of the Challenging History project. But then we were allowed to play, and at last Rachel could show us the fun she'd had with the team from Quay Arts, who led a workshop at Engage.

Potatoes! Who would have thought they could lead to such creative freedom? These little, non-descript roundish-but-not-round-enough objects generally used to introduce tinies to printmaking. Also commonly used for eating. And, as it transpires, distinctly useful for infinite creative purposes. We found ourselves using them as joints in willow structures that reached the ceiling, and we found ourselves dipping them in paint and rolling them across the floor to create a plethora of twisty, turny patterns (and a lot of mess).