Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lambeth Open - Warrior Studios

I enjoyed a thrilling visit to the Warrior Studios in Loughborough Junction, as part of Lambeth Open.  It's a long time since I've found so many overlaps with what I'm already doing, in one expedition!  I'm not sure if this is all a good thing, but it's left me feeling incredibly inspired, nonetheless.
In particular, Federica Dalla Vecchia is fascinated by many of the same things that I'm currently exploring.  This stunning quilt is made from envelopes.  And then, she has taken a host of disposable cups and created plaster moulds from them, playing with the variety of shapes, textures and patterns in objects that we usually throw away without consideration.
Jane Campbell is playing with plaster too, and reminded me that I can find potential even in the crumbled disasters.  Her work challenged me to think more widely about what I'm doing at the moment, which I will share very soon ...