Thursday, 13 December 2012

London Unfurled

Sometimes I hold an idea in my head for years.  I guess I know, subconsciously, that I'm never going to do it, but I like to believe that one day I will.  But in the meantime, somebody else has the same idea. Sometimes I feel a sense of peace that my idea has been brought into existence, even if not by me.

Today though, I'm a tiny bit disappointed.  I found London Unfurled by Matteo Pericoli as I moved through the books in Waterstone's.  I've long wanted to create a lengthy pen drawing of the entirety of London's riverbanks and Matteo Pericoli has done exactly that, in a beautifully formed book.  I should be delighted to see my idea in substance, but somehow it's rather dry, to be honest.  There is no contrast, little personality or individuality.  It's almost, but not quite, a pure architectural drawing.

Where does that leave me?  Do I lay my vision to rest, achieved by the world if not by me?  Or do I do it, one day, and remind people of that book they saw some time ago?

Perhaps I take it as a challenge, to push the boundaries further, take on my idea and stretch it, change and evolve it.  Into something better ...