Monday, 31 March 2014

Return to Plastic Bags

DSC_0853My fascination with plastic bags continues. Many people will have overheard me say "that one's a good colour - keep it!" Sadly I accumulate them, along with the glorious colours and textures of fruit nets, at a far greater rate than I can use them.

However, here finally is a finished project in full colour, in honour of my brother's 30th birthday and new home.
Various experimentations - I used the heat press rather than an iron (great plan!), I joined pieces using a soldering iron rather than an iron (great plan!), and I used tiny pieces as decoration (not such a great plan, they are prone to curling, but perhaps a feature to take advantage of). Next stop ... a pink lantern!

Friday, 21 March 2014

A Bowl of Golden Paper (Mache)

IMG_6454I began this bowl as an example for a workshop, and found myself addicted to finishing it, to become a gift for my parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary ... I should confess the origami embellishments were inspired by Francisca Prieto, who I stumbled across at the Summer Exhibition ... IMG_6456