Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Artist Textiles

My latest dose of inspiration was from the Artist Textiles Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum.  There's something quite amazing about seeing how artists whose styles are really quite famous and familiar adapted their work just slightly for the reproduction of domestic and fashionable textiles.  Never a particular fan of Dali (well, theoretically yes, aesthetically no), I found some of his textiles were among my favourite for the bold intrigue of his patterns.  This one in particular:
More predictably, I was mesmerised by the illustrative textile of the artists who worked for Piazza Prints - Saul Steinberg, who's work I've admired previously, and John Rombola, who I've never come across before.  I'd happily have either of these guys decorate my nursery!

Above, Saul Steinberg's Paddington Station and below, John Rombola's Circus.