Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Artist Discoveries

A recent holiday in Porlock, Somerset, and I took a relaxed moment to explore the lovely Churchgate Gallery.  These were my favourite discoveries ...
Flora McLachlan - a printer and illustrator with an exquisite array of fanciful woodland prints.  The majority of her work are etchings, but my love of collograph was brought back in full force by her collage prints.  I shall have to get cutting and sticking again!

Peggy Lock - I was blown away by a series of screenprints and woodcuts taken from still lifes of blue china.  What a brilliant, and beautiful idea!  I love the sense of collage, and the need to slowly piece together this picture of so many layers.
Sue Onley - On a completely different note, the deep, rich colours of Sue Onley's paintings reminded me a little bit of the early, figurative works of Kandinsky, which are among my favourite paintings in history.  No surprises then, that I liked these.  They give such a wonderful glow of the countryside around where we were staying.