Monday, 18 May 2015

That Book For Feets

IMG_7490Quite some time ago I promised to share the rest of the book that we'd made for our daughter. And then I got stuck on trying to convert the bizarrely formatted PDFs that I'd scanned them with, and distracted by making a skirt and trying to catch up sleep. Etc. But here at last is the whole book, beginning to end. And she loves it! Phew.

Cover I wanted to free myself from my ambitious, perfectionist streak, so I got ALL the materials off the shelf and had a jolly good play! I really enjoyed myself. Less satisfied with my characters,which I think Liam has done beautifully. Perhaps next time, we'll combine in a different way and I'll do the background and Liam can do all the characters ... Intro Gran Gramps Terry and Jen Kath and Tarik Joey All together Me2
NB: This last page has a mirror. For a long time Feets would push past all the toher pages just to get to the mirror and admire herself. Don't know where she gets her vanity from!