Sunday, 16 August 2015

Jacob's Blanket

My colleagues and I seem once again to have developed a tradition of handmade, collaborative gifts for big occasions.  So we decided to each knit squares for a blanket for baby Jacob.  This evolved into an, epic, time-consuming project but also a fabulous one that reminded me of all the best things about crafts.  Several people learnt to knit for the first time.  I foolishly agreed to be the person to sew the squares together, and found myself learning new stitches to do this.  But, never one to do the work alone when it could be done collaboratively, we spent many lunchtimes in Covent Garden Piazza, crocheting round the squares (yes, several people learnt to crochet) and then stitching them together.  And, several months after Jacob's birth, here's the blanket!