Sunday, 27 September 2015

Soft Monuments in Bergen

In Bergen, Norway, I found myself in a textile exhibition at KODE 2 gallery.  What a place to land in!  Soft Monuments was a display of the Museums textile collection by women in the last 25 years.  The variety was amazing, and reminded me again and again of the versatility and sensuality of textiles as a medium.  I want to share everything I saw here, but I'll settle for a taste.  Inspired though I was by the re-used and recycled fabrics, the highlight for me was a political piece.  
IMAG0198 In Wounds, Mari Meen Halsoy visited destroyed buildings in Beirut, Lebanon, and traced the holes left by bullets.  Then she sat in the building and worked on a frame loom to create woven pieces to fill the holes.  The thoughtfulness, respect and labour-of-love of the project really appealed to me, perhaps thanks in part to my own love of weaving.