Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Children's Art Museum

IMAG0250 An absolute highlight of our Norwegian trip, my little dream come true, a gallery just for children ... and it was fabulous. The current exhibition in the Kunstlab at KODE 4 in Bergen celebrated children's illustrators. With reproductions of a range of illustrations displayed at low levels, there was a range of incredible, experiential installations for children to interactive, to climb into the worlds of the stories.
From a netted room with movable elastic 'web', to a dark room with a bouncy furry floor, ladders that climbed through holes into another world, and golden treasures that dangled from the sky. Small worlds to peer into and rearrange and a natural looking floor with mysterious mountains bulging from it. And then, there was a whole series of commissioned sculptural pieces that interpretted the illustrations too. Displayed behind glass, these ones, I found them inspiring as artefacts in themselves. Feets was in paradise!