Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Colouring In

Norway (4) I've discovered a new addiction! I'm prone to browsing the new wave of beautiful colouring books for adults in the book shops. But I can't bring myself to buy one, because I would want to spend the time colouring something I've drawn myself. But I'm not so good at drawing from my imagination. How many times have I noted into my sketchbook the instruction 'doodle more'. So after half an hour flicking the pages of Secret Garden by Johanna Basford, I decided I'd better start some doodling. And colouring my 'doodle' became an absorbing, addictive way to pass my spare moments in Norway. And then, I began to think about this very stylised approach as I gazed over the fjord at Gudvangen. Without my sketchbook to hand, I began to consider how I would 'stylise' the trees and houses and their reflections, and later I sat down to doodle again. Perhaps the picture below will be coloured in eventually too ... Norway (2)