Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My Black Sketchbook

Black Sketchbook 1 I so enjoyed filling my last sketchbook, preparing each page beforehand with paint, tissue paper, pencil or pen so that it was already coloured or 'marked' and broke my tendency towards monochrome pen drawings. But then I wanted to take it further. I became addicted to the ease of doodling with felt pens, and I began to wonder what would happen if my pages were black ... would I return to collage as a starting point? Or would I turn lazy and buy a set of gel pens?! Black Sketchbook 2 So I made myself a sketchbook (three actually - who knows what will happen in the next ones) and found myself returning to my magical city daydreams from over a year ago, but in a much more relaxed, spontaneous and less laborious way. I've had a lovely time - and found an alternative use for my origami papers!