Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Amazing World of M C Escher

At the last possible minute, I made it along to the Escher exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery.  I knew about Escher's 'impossible pictures' and I find them very clever.  I love, as you have probably realised, black and white illustration.  So I was bound to enjoy the exhibition. But, for me, his 'impossible pictures' are very graphic, very accurate and architectural, and what really blew my mind were the tessellations.  I find myself consumed with the beauty and impossibility of transforming shapes while retaining the familiarity of natural forms.  The absolute queen of the exhibition, for me, was Metamorphosis II. The magic of transforming from one shape to another ... and then another ... and another ... his draughtmanship is amazing.  His mind is incredible.  Watch this space - one day I will succeed at some form of tessellation of my own.